Why don’t Cumming city officials use e-mail?

A bunch of old white men run Cumming, the Forsyth County seat. Last year, Mayor H. Ford Gravitt created a controversy by ejecting a citizen who was videotaping a City Council meeting–in clear violation of Georgia’s open meetings act. Politifact even weighed in on the case. Fortunately, Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens has gotten involved to enforce the law, but old ways die hard up in the hills. You can watch the video of the hearing of Olens v. Gravitt on the blog of local activist Nydia Tisdale (the woman with the camera in question), who has taken on the task of “Investigating Corruption in Forsyth County, GA” and does so in loving detail. Given this, it’s interesting to see the following…

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Judgment on Brambleman

As you may know, Brambleman recently won the Independent Book Publishers Asscoiation’s Benjamin Franklin Award (which was recently sent back to the shop for repairs). The award went to the publisher, not the author. I suppose I’d be irritated if I wasn’t Thornbriar Press, as well. I’v also received the Benjamin Franklin Award judging forms for Brambleman, which might interest you.  The book won the tiebreaker rankings for both editorial and design. Now I should write something else, I suppose. Then again, it’s Friday night. Maybe I’ll just watch a movie–or the Braves, going for win No. 14!