Best Campaign slogan, 2020

SCUSE ME! If the 25th Amendment is enacted cabinet members turns on each in a Caesarian blodfest in a month or so, we could go down the order of succession to No. 9, the ACTING Secretary of Agriculture, Michael Scuse. He could run for president in 2020 with the best campaign slogan ever. Needs crucial Steve Martin endorsement.  


Letter to President Steve Bannon

February 7, 2017 President Steve Bannon The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20500 Dear President Bannon, Congratulations! How time flies! It seems like just yesterday you were promoting fake news, alternative facts, and white nationalism as the boss man of Breitbart. Now, look at you! Promoting fake news, alterative facts, and white nationalism from inside the Oval Office. Fool enough people enough of the time and there you go. Sure, Hillary won the popular vote and Donald Trump, though he came up nearly 3,000,000 votes short, won the majority of electoral votes. But none of that matters! Because you get to slip Executive Orders onto the desk of a man who detests reading and learning and stuff like that.…

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