Must-read article on passage of SB 31 shows how Georgia got into Vogtle Mess

I am so sick and tired of Georgia Power’s lies and corruption. I was the PSC’s spokesman during the 1980s, and back then, commissioners would oppose legislation like SB 31 that usurped the PSC’s power. For the past decade, with this crowd on the commission cheering it on, Georgia Power has gotten its way. It’s disgusting. Plant Vogtle should be the biggest issue in 2018. That’s why I’m backing John @NoelforPSC. From the AJC: Seventy years ago, two Emory University graduates set out across the state asking a simple yet profound question:¬†Who runs Georgia? The answer, as Calvin Kytle and James A. Mackay later wrote: the railroads and Georgia Power. The utility, in particular, held such sway over legislators that an Atlanta…

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