John Noel’s South Georgia road trip: In Vidalia, running for the onions

Running with the onions: The Annual Vidalia Onion Festival is a thing you should see, like John @NoelForPSC did. Maybe next year! Runs the last weekend in April #Vidalia @Vidaliaonions1 Festival website: Trip blog post: — Jonathan Grant (@Brambleman) May 5, 2018 John @NoelforPSC was sporting enough to take a local radio interview seconds after finishing the #VidaliaOnion Run 5K in 22:59. He's running. — Jonathan Grant (@Brambleman) May 5, 2018 John @NoelForPSC consoles a child who was upset he didn't win the #Vidalia Onion Run's 1K race. Read more about John's South Georgia campaign. — Jonathan Grant (@Brambleman) May 5, 2018


Georgia solar-powered PSC candidate John Noel is a hard-core Democrat

Georgia Public Service Commission candidate John Noel is a longtime Democrat. He was elected to the General Assembly as a Democrat in 2002. He’s been involved in Democratic politics and voted in Democratic primaries and runoffs, not to mention general, special, and Atlanta city elections. If there was an election, he’d show up and vote. Public records show this. Not only did he attend the 2016 Democratic Convention, but he’s attended every Democratic convention since 1992, when he was an intern for the Clinton/Gore campaign. Those are some serious bona fides.    


On the road with PSC candidate John Noel in South Georgia

John Noel is running with the onions and meeting with South Georgians this weekend, taking his campaign for the Georgia Public Service Commission to in Vidalia, Hinesville, Jesup, and Savannah Saturday, with additional stops in Bryan County, Statesboro, and Macon tomorrow. It’s a whirlwind that includes four radio interviews, flurries of phone calls, and rescheduling on the fly as new opportunities arise, and that happens because Noel knows a lot of South Georgia folks and wants to know more of them. Unlike his opponents, Noel is running a statewide campaign. Talking to farmers in Vidalia and city residents in Savannah, he’s hearing the same thing — people feel neglected by Atlanta politicians who don’t get out and listen to the people.  If they…

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