2018 NCAA Tournament seedings by SAT scores

Brambleman.com is a website devoted to Georgia politics, history and other stuff. This is definitely other stuff. People always complain about the NCAA basketball tournament seeding. What if the NCAA men’s tournament teams had to submit their school’s average incoming freshman SAT scores (not just those of basketball players) to get their seeding? With some help from the College Board, I figured it out. My Bulldogs didn’t make it. Neither did their coach. Sad! I’ll root for 15th-seed Georgia State against No. 2 seed Cincinnati Friday. Go Panthers. Get lots of photos! . Sources: College Board: Old SAT (1600) to New SAT (1600). Also Common Data Sets. Some scores converted from ACT to SAT. Other than that, no methodology, just March Madness! Here’s our Finals Four, followed by…

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