Audio: Fran Millar, Sally Harrell at Dunwoody Homeowners Association candidate forum

More than 100 people attended Sunday afternoon candidate forum at Dunwoody High School sponsored by the Dunwoody Homeowners Association. Candidates for Georgia Senate District 40, House District 79, and Sixth Congressional District answered pre-selected questions in a non-debate format. Here’s the audio from the Georgia Senate candidate forum with Republican Sen. Fran Millar and Democrat Sally Harrell.  


Is Dick Williams hurt because Sally Harrell won’t buy ads in The Crier?

Above: Dick Williams on Fox 5 Atlanta’s “Georgia Gang” Jonathan Grant @Brambleman Hoover Republican says what? I met Dick Williams in the 1980s, when he was a columnist for the Atlanta newspaper and I was spokesman for the Georgia Public Service Commission. In the years since, I would sometimes watch his political show, “The Georgia Gang,” but I quit because life is short and the show was spiraling downward into unrelenting horribleness. In preparing to write this post, I pulled up the most recent episode on YouTube and watched long enough to see Williams rail against the New Deal. Williams also publishes The Crier, a weekly newspaper in Dunwoody, and all pretense of honest journalist aside, he’s covering Georgia’s hottest Senate race,…

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