Georgia sleaze alert: Fran Millar comes out with push poll, lies about Sally Harrell’s record

READ THE LATEST:  PEOPLE POWER VS. CORPORATE CASH: GEORGIA’S HOTTEST SENATE RACE Jonathan Grant @Brambleman on Twitter I’ve known Georgia State Sen. Fran Millar for nearly twenty years, broken bread with him, and I held a certain amount of respect for him, though that has diminished as I watched his slide toward the Trumpism that has consumed the Republican Party. I will not be voting for him in November. Millar has tried to separate himself somewhat from the president, claiming he likes Trump’s policies but not his behavior. That’s a distinction without a difference, since Trump’s behavior and policy are intertwined; both are children of his ego. Look out, Canada! If Millar dislikes Trump’s behavior, he has a funny way of showing…

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