Recuse yourselves! Teresa Tomlinson calls on Perdue, Loeffler to step back from impeachment case they’ve prejudged

  By Jonathan Grant @Brambleman As a lawyer, Teresa Tomlinson takes the Constitution seriously, and she doesn’t shy away from the impeachment debate. In a recent interview in her Columbus campaign office, she talked about the Founding Fathers, and how they set up the impeachment process as a safeguard against tyranny. She’s even tweeted out a Twitter treatise on Federalist Paper 66. She doesn’t want to see it as a political process, but as a Constitutional remedy to bad actors and demagogues in the White House. But it’s hard, if not impossible, to take the politics out of politics, as the old saying goes. In June, she said that House Democrats had a “duty” to begin impeachment hearings against Trump, regardless of…

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