Newnan police get played: “book burning” a bust

Publicizing political smears should be beneath the dignity of a professional law enforcement agency  By Jonathan Grant @Brambleman I wouldn’t be writing this post if the Newnan Police Department hadn’t decided for some reason to publicize the “event” depicted above: “Book Burning Event, sponsored by Democrats for Social Change, ANTIFA, and B.L.M. Philosophy, history, poetry, theology, etc. all will burn this Saturday, 6 p.m. at the courthouse. BYOB.”  Poetry? A moment’s scrutiny should have told the Coweta city’s finest that this was an act of malicious mischief. And the odds it was the work of a right-wing troll are approximately 100 percent. There’s another photo of the sign below, showing an older white man practicing his golf stroke as he babysits the…

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