Georgia House candidate Mokah Johnson is the latest Democrat to get slimed by the GOP. Somebody should do something.

First, about those push polls   A “Push Poll” is Not a Legitimate Poll:  A so-called “push poll” is an insidious form of negative campaigning, disguised as a political poll. “Push polls” are not surveys at all, but rather unethical political telemarketing — telephone calls disguised as research that aim to persuade large numbers of voters and affect election outcomes, rather than measure opinions. This misuse of the survey method exploits the trust people have in research organizations and violates the AAPOR Code of Professional Ethics and Practices.– From American Association for Public Opinion Research Note: I’ve written previously about Mokah Johnson’s campaign: “In Athens, Mokah Johnson’s people-powered campaign takes root.”   By Jonathan Grant @Brambleman A recent push-poll of Georgia House District 117…

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