How many Snapfingers are enough? DeKalb Elections Board makes polling/precinct changes

Above: Yet another plea for hand-marked paper ballots ignored. Speaker: Madeleine Soloway Jonathan Grant @Brambleman Breaking News: DeKalb now has 3 (three!) Snapfinger Road precincts. And a Snapfinger Elementary Precinct. Legislative Note: The selection process for DeKalb Board of Voter Registrations and Elections members will change if Senate Bill 246, sponsored by Steve Henson and passed by the General Assembly, is signed into law by Gov. Kemp. The legislation is designed to allay concerns raised during the controversy over DeKalb’s Ethics Board: that non-government did not have authority to appoint members of public agencies in Georgia. Currently, two Board of Elections members are chosen by the local Democratic Party and two by the Republican Party; those four members choose the 5th member, considered to be…

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