Check out the Decatur Arts Festival: Sat-Sun May 26-27, 2018

The weather held, so Judy and I went to the Decatur Arts Festival Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t as crowded as the Book Festival, but it was lively. The first thing that drew my eye was “Vibrant Fish” by Elliott Hubbard, a Fairburn, Georgia artist who specializes in clay sculptures.   I really like that fish—and really everything in his booth—but we ended up buying a pair of  digitized prints of his sculptures (the opposite of 3-D printing?) and now we have to find a place for them. Still, low maintenance, even for fish. Check out Elliott’s website. Some artists drew their own crowds, like Richard D. Willson Jr. on Clairemont Avenue, who told a pack of festival-goers about his portraits of Hank…

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