New day in deep-red Georgia? Hundreds protest in Peachtree City, Democrat Jill Prouty calls out MAGA candidates who “fail on social justice”

By Jonathan Grant @Brambleman Jill Prouty stepped outside the library she manages in Peachtree City on Tuesday, June 2, and observed a wondrous sight: Hundreds of people kneeling on the lawn of the City Hall complex. In the land of golf carts, they had marched to protest police brutality and racial injustice. Peachtree City Police Chief Janet Moon walked with them. It was as peaceful as peaceful could be. The hastily organized solidarity protest drew a crowd of 400 people, perhaps more. You can read local news coverage here. Lots of pictures. Many young people chanting “Black Lives Matter.” “It gave me chills,” said Prouty, who is also the Democratic candidate for Georgia House District 71 in Fayette and Coweta counties. “It…

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Special elections are tough, especially the day after a holiday

Jill Prouty did Dems proud and ran a great race in Georgia House District 71, winning Fayette with 50% plus, but GOP turnout in Coweta (most of the district) was higher. So it’s Singleton vs. Sakrison in the runoff, a choice between bad and just as bad. Dems had high turnout in 2017 specials, not since. Democrats need to build infrastructure out in state. See results