Georgia GOP House candidate Ellen Diehl: “Understanding Islam—If you’re not Islamic, they want to kill you”

Jonathan Grant @Brambleman In case you missed it, see Raw Diehl of the Day #1: Ellen Diehl and the global witches’ coven Raw Diehl of the Day #2 I’m posting videos that Georgia House District 81 candidate and ardent Trump fan Ellen Diehl deleted from her YouTube channel after I published a blog post about them and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution picked up on the story. I’m looking through them again, and this one … is interesting. Posted on Wed. May 31, 2017, it contains a drifting riff about Donald Trump and Russia. Spoiler alert: It didn’t happen! (Note: Today, Trump campaign aide Georga Papadopoulos was sentenced after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. His drunken bragging about Russian dirt on Hillary Clinton is…

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