Georgia GOP House candidate Ellen Diehl: “Understanding Islam—If you’re not Islamic, they want to kill you”

Jonathan Grant

In case you missed it, see Raw Diehl of the Day #1: Ellen Diehl and the global witches’ coven

Raw Diehl of the Day #2

I’m posting videos that Georgia House District 81 candidate and ardent Trump fan Ellen Diehl deleted from her YouTube channel after I published a blog post about them and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution picked up on the story.

I’m looking through them again, and this one … is interesting.

Posted on Wed. May 31, 2017, it contains a drifting riff about Donald Trump and Russia. Spoiler alert: It didn’t happen! (Note: Today, Trump campaign aide Georga Papadopoulos was sentenced after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. His drunken bragging about Russian dirt on Hillary Clinton is what started the Trump-Russia Witch Hunt.)

Also, she mentions that she tried out for “Survivor” three times. This attraction to reality shows may help explain Diehl’s early adulation of Donald Trump.

The claim about Islam in the headline is a constant thread in her videos. She. Says. It. A. Lot. She does not like Muslims and believes ISIS wants to use Syrian refugees to infiltrate the United States and kill us.

Choice Cuts

(0:58) …Wow. The left. Cuckoo…cuckoocuckoo. They jump around from topic to topic, and honestly where is the evidence for Russia?. If they had been anything going on with Russia that they could prove, they would have used it in the primaries to get rid of Trump. Didn’t happen. They would have used it–(Good morning China, Good morning Rich)–They would have used it in the general election to get rid of Trump. Didn’t happen. They would have used it before the Electoral College. Didn’t happen. They would have used it before the Inauguration. Didn’t happen. What I’m saying is, it didn’t happen! So there’s no proof. It didn’t happen. End of story. I don’t know what else to say. So we will be praying for the left to fall all over themselves, like ding dongs—like a woman I heard introduce herself in a group the other day. They said “Tell us something interesting about yourself.” I said I’d tried out for “Survivor” three times. She said, “I like smoking pot,” and then she was like, “Oh no, no, I’m kidding, I’m kidding.” I’m like “OK, you’re kidding,” So point being people on the left can be super stupid and trip over themselves and fall into their own snares. Kathy Griffin. What the heck. Oh my gosh. Holding a bloody head of Donald Trump. Please, can we get rid of this woman?

(3:22) Understanding Islam: If you’re not Islamic, they want to kill you. Boom. End of class.

Background: The real Diehl

Ellen Diehl and friends

Ellen Diehl is a hardcore Trump supporter who operates at a near-fetish level and mixes politics and religion. In 2017, she made scores of livestream videos and posted them on social media. Late that year, she announced a run for state House District 81 in North DeKalb against Rep. Scott Holcomb.

Unopposed in the primary, she now represents the Republican Party on the ballot in the Nov. 6 general election.

Diehl’s videos are revealing, even disturbing. They raise questions about her fitness and ability to represent a diverse district—or any district. Remember Jason Spencer? She’s a “kinder, gentler” version, but definitely Islamaphobic. She hates Democrats, too. Calls them demoncrats. Thinks Michelle Obama is fat and ugly and her husband, the 44th president of the United States, is a Muslim terrorist. After you see the videos, ask yourself: Do I want this woman anywhere near pending legislation? And why is veteran GOP Sen. Fran Millar supporting her?


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