Georgia Rep. Tommy Benton is a Lost Cause. Will Jackson County voters say “Enough’s enough?”

Above: State Rep. Tommy Benton shares his thoughts about the late Rep. John Lewis Part 1: “You can’t fix stupid” By Jonathan Grant @Brambleman Last week was not a good one for Georgia Republicans. Gov. Brian Kemp continued his stumble through a Covid-induced haze, and his plan for a special legislative session got pushback from the Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House. The party’s image took a blow when crazy-talkin’ Qanon supporter/purveyor Marjorie Taylor Greene won the party’s 14th Congressional District runoff in a landslide. New polls show tight races for presidenta and senator, confirming Georgia’s status as a swing state. To top it off (or bottom it out), unreconstructed State Rep. Tommy Benton burst back onto the public stage and…

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