Friday: Brian Kemp Recall Petition Signing and Holiday Celebration!

By Jonathan Grant @Brambleman It’s not Festivus exactly—we’re too charitable for that—but it is a petitioning of grievances because Brian Kemp is terrible at his job and thinks this entitles him to a promotion to governor next year. It does not. It entitles him to be fired. So that’s what we’re working to do. Gross incompetence, voter suppression, hyperpartisanship (preety sure that’s a word)—-the list goes on. The horrible is strong in this one. I’ve written as much already. Do we want this man to oversee an election that could catapult him into the governor’s mansion? No. We do not. Anyway, A Voice For All Georgia is having a party. It will be much more festive than Festivus. With activities and speakers…

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