Tucker, Georgia: Don’t like KKK recruiting in town? Your GOP House candidate spreads same hate

Media are reporting on a KKK recruiting drive in suburban Tucker: “Help us fight the spread of Islam in our country,” Klan flyers state. The hate group senses an opportunity in North DeKalb, since the GOP is running rabidly Islamaphobic GOP House candidate Ellen Diehl against Democrat Rep. Scott Holcomb, one of the state’s most effective legislators, regardless of party. Diehl has presented herself as a mainstream candidate. She is not. She is a Trump fanatic, a bona fide deplorable, and she made a ton of YouTube videos  because she was loud and proud about it. But once the videos were exposed in the media, she took them down. Fast. Sadly for her, someone made copies. She’s all Trump, all the time, and…

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