Warnock supporters: Instead of telling Matt Lieberman to quit the race, volunteer (and get a yard sign this weekend)

  By Jonathan Grant @Bralmbleman Forget about Matt Lieberman. He ain’t gonna quit the race and even if he does, absentee ballots with his name are already going out. Let’s make it so it doesn’t matter what he does now. Democrats need to work together to elect Raphael Warnock and push him to the top.  Warnock already has twice Lieberman’s support in the polls, and most importantly, a bona fide progressive message. So let’s do this! Wanna help? Of course you do. So here are some ways to push forward.You can donate to the Warnock campaign. Just click here and pay! And here’s something very important: You can become a Warnock volunteer. The campaign’s greatest need is for people to phone bank.…

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