Solar-powered GA PSC candidate John Noel electrifies Athens Democrats

A great night Thursday in Athens! Packed house of Athens-Clarke County Democrats Thursday night heard John Noel, 10th Congressional District candidate Chalis Montgomery, Rep. Spencer Frye and local candidates talk about their plans to make Athens and Georgia better for all the people who live there. Noel lit up the crowd and talked about how he’d change the way the electric companies do business.  Noel will be returning to Athens February 7 to speak to speak with UGA Young Democrats. Here’s that knockout video Noel was talking about: “Sticking it to the Man!” Click to learn more about New Energy for Georgia.


Update: Georgia Democratic Congressional candidates on Twitter, Facebook, web

Jonathan Grant @Brambleman In 2016, four of Georgia’s 10 Republican members of Congress ran unopposed in the November general election, and the rest faced only token opposition. How bad was it? We were lucky if  our Democratic candidate had a Facebook page. In my district, the Infamous Sixth, there was debate over whether or not Tom Price’s opponent, Rodney Stooksbury, even existed. Not only that, but a statewide Public Service Commission seat went unchalleged by Dems.  That’s changing, though.  The other great, good news for 2018: Democrats in all 14 of Georgia’s Congressional Districts have announced that they’re running. Many candidates: 25 so far. Since it’s important to know stuff and network, I’m building a list of Twitter handles for Georgia’s Democratic…

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