Trump needs to know: Is AG Jeff Sessions part of Deep State?

Today, on Twitter, Donald Trump strongly (as in all caps) suggests his hand-picked Attorney General, Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions, is a disgrace to his presidency. At this point, a legal question: Can an attorney general be flipped? Or is Trump trying to prove he’s not obstructing justice by being so bad at it?


Trump goes to GOP playbook with transgender ban

Trump announced his transgender ban while his Defense Secretary was ON VACATION. Essentially confirms a political decision from WH, not DOD led — @AdamBlickstein. Perhaps. We’ll have to see if DOD is on board. It looks like the administration is melting down. Purge at White House; Sec of State is “taking time off” during time of open disputes with WH; AG’s job is under constant threat. Madness reigns.   Method to Madness: The Transgender ban is a play to the base, designed to shore up Republican prospects in 2018 Rust Belt states. It’s horrible, but straight out of the GOP playbook. Rove and Company used a similar strategy in 2004, putting state anti-gay marriage laws on the general election ballot to bring out…

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