Update: Trump backers denounce Deep State conspiracy after rally buses cancelled for nonpayment

UPDATE: Trump supporters denounce Deep State Conspiracy after “Women for America First” DC rally buses (including one from Atlanta) cancelled for nonpayment.  From The Daily Beast: A couple hundred Donald Trump fans rallied outside Congress on Thursday for the “March for Trump,” an event meant to oppose House Democrats’ impeachment investigation. According to organizers, though, there would have been hundreds more people shouting “stop the coup” in Washington’s streets if not for a liberal plot against their buses. That’s because, as would-be rally attendees gathered across the East Coast for the US Coachways buses that the organizer had promised would take them to Washington, those buses never showed. The no-shows provoked a wave of anger, accusations that the “deep state” had colluded to…

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Georgia GOP House candidate, unfiltered

This video of Rep. Scott Holcomb‘s opponent in Georgia House District 81 gives a clearer, cleaner look at where she’s coming from than just about any other–even though they were all so revealing she deleted them once they were exposed to the general public.