ACLU to represent KKK in Georgia “adopt-a-highway” case

Not a shock—the ACLU regularly defends those outside the mainstream on both left and right–but I think the state has legitimate public safety concerns about allowing Ku Klux Klan members to roam the highways, picking up litter.  Once the signs go up proclaiming that the Klan “owns” a stretch of road, there’s no telling what might happen. RoadKKKill would defeat the purpose of the Adopt-a-Highway program.

Besides, the Georgia Department of Transportation, in rejecting the Klan’s application to adopt a stretch of highway in Union County, pointed out that that a successful applicant must be a “civic-minded organization in good standing.” The Klan, with its history of prejudice, racial violence, and terrorism, does not meet this standard. It is the Adolf Hitler of civic groups.

I stand by my previous position that they should be allowed to clean up the highways as long as they wear orange jumpsuits, without Klanvertisements.

Here’s the latest Atlanta Journal Constitution article on the case.



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