Because there isn’t one?

Money Quote:  “I don’t know if white students have been discriminated against.”

From Inside Higher Ed:

A Towson University student who sparked debate last year by founding  a chapter of Youth for Western Civilization is now trying to create a White  Student Union, The  Baltimore Sun reported. The group he created last year has fallen apart  after losing its faculty adviser. L. Victor Collins, assistant vice president of  student affairs for diversity, said  the proposed group would be evaluated  like all others, based on non-political criteria. While Collins said he  supported the group’s First Amendment rights, he questioned the need for a white  organization. “They think they are a parallel comparison to the Black Student  Union,” he said. “In my observation in American society and history, I don’t  know if white students have been discriminated against or denied access to  institutions. This is a predominantly white institution. I don’t understand why  they have to [form a group].”

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