Brambleman “leaves you emotionally spent and infinitely wiser”

Maria Miaoulis at Reading for Pleasure has given Brambleman five stars. In her review, Maria writes:

… (Grant) keeps the suspense building throughout the entire book. There’s no way to guess how it will end since you never know what each turn of the page will bring. The main character’s plight is just a never-ending series of misfortunate events, all seemingly designed to stop him from righting the wrongs done to others so long ago. Somehow though he finds the wherewithal to keep going, and you can’t help but cheer him on and hope for a “happy ending” after all he’s been through.

The supernatural element adds further drama since you can’t tell whether Charles is working for a vengeful God or has unknowingly made a pact with the devil. Yet the twist doesn’t make the plot any less believable. On the contrary, the story is painfully realistic, especially in its depiction of racism. Here, Grant does an excellent job portraying each character’s struggle as they try to reconcile an ugly past with a progressive world’s changing state of affairs.

All in all, “Brambleman” is a lively and passionate read that leaves you emotionally spent and infinitely wiser by the end, the very hallmark of a compelling book. I highly recommend it to all.

By the way, her plot summary is the best one I’ve seen in any review.  Check it out.




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