Even the owners want out of the Plant Vogtle Boondoggle

Jonathan Grant

Here’s the latest on the Plant Vogtle disaster from the AJC:

The survival of those two new nuclear reactors under construction at Plant Vogtle just got more complicated. The electrical membership coop run by the city of Jacksonville, Fla., wants out of the deal.

Here’s why that matters: Earlier this month, we got the news that the cost of the two reactors had gone up by $2.3 billion – only a few months after the state Public Service Commission approved the lower amount. The full price of the Vogtle upgrade is now $27 billion, double what was originally estimated and five years behind schedule.

The increase requires investors in the project to re-affirm their decision to move forward by Sept. 30. Georgia Power, a 46 percent partner, said it is ready to absorb its $1.1 billion share.

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My State Senator, Fran Millar, helped make this boondoggle happen when he voted for SB31, guaranteeing that Georgia Power would have ratepayers’ money to play with when it started construction on Plant Vogtle. If Georgia Power had been forced to rely on its own resources, they wouldn’t have built it. Now they’re afraid to quit it and people say “It’s too big to fail.” It’s a disaster. All the legislators who voted to hand over our money in advance to the utility deserve to be voted out of office. Here’s the background story.
House vote: https://bit.ly/2w63E25
Senate vote: https://bit.ly/2LfCeLX


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