Forsyth County mother leaves 2-year-old alone to go DUI

A horrifying story : 21-year-0ld Stephanie Davis left her two-year-old son locked in a room with no food and water; she went out and got arrested for DUI. A suspicious relative notified the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department, and deputies found the child covered in filth in a house that smelled of excrement. They reported 50 bags of garbage on the porch.

The woman now faces child cruelty charges in addtion to the DUI.

Question: Is the ability to get in a car and start it the last thing to go?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

Though Davis said someone was watching her son, the family member, who lived more than an hour away, believed the child was home alone and called police.

Deputies could hear the child crying when they arrived at the locked home.

“Because of the extenuating circumstances, one of the deputies pulled the screen off of the window and entered the home,” Sheriff Ted Paxton said in the news release. “The deputy then made his way to the room where he heard the child crying. What he found was a child that was trapped in his room by a closed door, equipped with a safety device on the inside doorknob, that prevented the child from opening the door.

“The child was dressed in a dirty white [T-shirt]. He had removed his diaper himself and it was on the floor, filled to overflowing with feces. The child had feces on his hands, feet and legs.”

The deputy passed the child to another officer through a window. The child apeared to have bug bites, possibly from fleas, on his legs.

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