The curious case of the man in the doorway

Update: The firefighters in the this case have been disciplined (verbal reprimand) for failing to file the proper paperwork in the case. Read more.

Forsyth County Sheriff Ted Paxton is running for re-election, so this is not a good thing for him. The incident took place January 13, and I first saw the story in the Gainesville Times, but it’s obviously gaining traction.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Forsyth County Fire Chief Danny Bowman said Thursday he requested the investigation last week because he was “not satisfied with the amount of information” in the summary of the 911 incident filed by three firefighters from Engine 8 who answered the January call.

When they arrived at the home, the firefighters found Paxton passed out across the stoop of the front door. They firefighters recognized him as the sheriff, but he did not identify himself, and the woman did not identify him, either.

Nowhere in the internal investigation file or initial reports is Paxton identified.

“That’s not unusual if someone requests their name not be included,” Bowman said Tuesday. He said, however, that the firefighters recognized Paxton: “He is a well-known person.”

Paxton did identify himself at one point, the report states. “Go ahead and tell all the papers your sheriff is drunk,” Paxton said, according to the report.

Eventually, the papers found out. Here’s the rest of the article, if not the story.




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