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Rules Proposed for Adoption by the State Election Board Jan. 22

Democratic Party of Georgia response


For Immediate Release
Date: January 14, 2020


DPG Releases Public Comment on State Election Board Proposed Rules

ATLANTA – Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia’s Voter Protection team shared the DPG’s comments and revisions to the State Election Board’s Proposed Rules for the administration of Georgia elections, including administration of new voting machines.

DPG Director of Voter Protection Saira Draper issued the following statement:

“As Georgia implements an entirely new voting system in the midst of the most critical election in history, it has never been more important to ensure that Georgians can have confidence that their votes will count. Our team has worked diligently to review the Election Board’s Proposed Rules, and has identified several issues of critical importance that require improvement.

DPG’s proposed revisions are essential to ensure a fair vote for every Georgian at every step of the process, from online notice of election, to vote by mail applications, to the polling place, to the voting machine itself. Collectively, these changes put the voter at the center, and take steps to ensure that no voter is denied their right to vote based on inconsistencies amongst poll worker training, infrastructure failures, or any other factor they cannot control.

Above all, we believe that ensuring confidence in our elections shouldn’t be a partisan issue – because having faith in our democracy is at the core of every function of our government. We will continue to work with the Secretary of State throughout this process, and continue our efforts on the ground to protect all Georgia voters’ rights to cast their ballots, regardless of political affiliation.”

The Democratic Party of Georgia’s comments and revisions to the Proposed Rules fall under eight key categories:

  1. Audit Integrity: Empowering voters to verify that their ballot is correct before submitting their vote.
  2. Provisional Ballots: Promoting consistent and fair treatment of provisional voters across county lines.
  3. Adequate Machine Infrastructure: Requiring that there is a minimum number of voting machines and poll books at each Election Day polling place, based, in part, on access to advance voting opportunities.
  4. Election Administration Transparency: Ensuring that accredited poll watchers have the right to see and hear the events they are observing.
  5. Public Notice: Requiring public notice of elections on county websites, making news readily available to the public.
  6. ID Restrictions On Voter Registration: Ensuring that voters without certain forms of ID may still register to vote.
  7. Vote By Mail Restrictions: Removing an ambiguous and burdensome requirement that third-party absentee ballot request forms be “substantially similar” to SOS form.
  8. Select Other Concerns

Documents included with news release


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