Gun-toting neighborhood watch dudes kept in jail

AR15 Rifle

The father-and-son combo who held their new neighbors at gunpoint will have a bond hearing this morning. Money quote: “I have to think if we didn’t have [noted criminal defense lawyer] Don Samuel and the media reporting the story, nothing would’ve been done,” the victims’ son said.

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In an interesting update, the Atlanta Journal-Contstitution reports:

Robert Canoles said he was unconcerned Monday afternoon about a second interview with Newton County Sheriff’s deputies, who four nights earlier had praised his armed response to a suspected burglary next door.

“What are they going to charge  me with?” Canoles told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution before his meeting with the deputies.

He soon got his answer. Authorities arrested Canoles and his son Branden Canoles late Monday night and charged them with aggravated assault, false imprisonment and criminal trespass.

The pair had held Jean-Joseph Kalonji, 61, and his 57-year-old wife, Angelica, at gunpoint Thursday evening after spotting the couple fiddling with the lock at the rural Covington home recently purchased by their son.

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