Happy Fourth of July from Varmintville!

Here’s a brief Independence Day excerpt from the award-winning novel, Brambleman. This  paragraph helps explain how the madness started:

And so Pappy just kept rockin’ and spittin’ and gettin’ more ornery. The last time Charlie had been in Forsyth County, exactly two decades after his first visit, he and Momo got into an argument over flying the Rebel flag on the Fourth of July. Charlie, who had come to resent even being at Pappy’s house, saw the flag as an insult to the United States as well as his liberal Yankee world view. After Momo threatened to kill him with his bare hands, the old man called Charlie a “n****r-loving cocksucker” and ordered him to get off the property. Armed with his double-barreled twenty-gauge shotgun, Pappy followed Charlie outside. Charlie retreated to his van and stood beside it. Pappy fired once—not exactly at Charlie, but not away from him either, killing a crow in a nearby oak tree. As Charlie ducked behind his van, Stanley burst from the house yelling about hunting out of season. Bradley Roy came out behind his brother-in-law and calmly took the gun from Pappy, unloaded the shells, and put the live round in his pocket, saying, “That’s enough fireworks for today, don’t you think?”

Shouldn’t have killed that crow, Pappy.

Want to know more?   Check out Brambleman’s info sheet. Or just buy the book at Amazon.com or wherever you want.


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