I just donated a bunch of my works to DeKalb County libraries

DeKalb author Jonathan Grant with Kim Hill, manager of the Tucker-Reid Cofer branch library.

Libraries are having a tough time these days, with their acquisitions budgets being cut to shreds. I had already donated several copies of Chain Gang Elementary to my library system for their local author program, so I pushed forward with Brambleman as well.  (Click here to see Chain Gang Elementary holdings.) I also offered to help them replenish their stocks of The Way It Was in the Sotuh: The Black Experience in Georgia. Once upon a time, DeKalb libraries had 20 copies of the book, but holdings declined to just seven copies. (Click here for holdings.) In all, I gave them 20 books today, which should mean there will be 10 copies of Chain Gang Elementary, 8 of Brambleman, and 13 of The Way It Was on the shelves. You should be able to find Brambleman in the catalog very soon.



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