Decatur Book Festival Special! Buy Brambleman, get Chain Gang Elementary free

I’m promoting sales of my new novel with an eBook giveaway. If you purchase a paperback or eBook copy of Brambleman, I’ll give you the eBook version of my novel, Chain Gang Elementary (retail value $4.99, now “back to school” priced at $2.99). This offer includes bookstore sales as well as purchases at, Barnes and Noble online,, and all other digital booksellers.

Here’s a helpful link to direct you to your retailer of choice. And if you live in Forsyth County, Macon, Alpharetta, Norcross, Georgia, local Barnes and Noble stores have signed copies of Brambleman available.

Just buy the book and send an email to

We’ll send you a question about the book; when you answer it, we’ll send you a coupon for a free eBook of Chain Gang Elementary, which you can redeem immediately. What’s not to like?

Questions? Post a comment, send an email to the address above, or tweet us @Brambleman.

4.5/5.0 star rating on

“Exceptionally well-written” — Elizabeth A. White

Down-and-out Atlanta writer Charlie Sherman has no idea what madness awaits him when a mysterious stranger convinces him to finish a dead man’s book about a horrific crime that’s gone unpunished for decades.

What Charlie inherits is an unwieldy manuscript about the mob-driven expulsion of more than 1,000 blacks from Forsyth County, Georgia in 1912. During the course of his work, Charlie uncovers a terrible secret involving a Forsyth County land grab. Due to its proximity to Atlanta, the stolen farm is now worth $20 million—and a sale is pending.

When he finds the land’s rightful owner, Charlie becomes convinced he’s been chosen by a Higher Power to wreak justice and vengeance on those who profit from evil.

And then things go horribly wrong.

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Chain Gang Elementary
 4.2/5.0 star rating on

Indie Books List “Book of the Month”
“Required Reading”—PTO Today magazine
“Acerbic wit”—Publishers Weekly

A tale of war between a PTA president and a grade school principal, with casualties. It’s funny. It’s not so funny.

After a murder at Bonaire Elementary, Richard and Anna Lee Gray seek a good school for their son Nick in a safe neighborhood. Their search leads them to Malliford, a “school of excellence.” When redistricting sends scores of minority students to Malliford, iron-willed Principal Estelle Rutherford declares war on kids to raise test scores and save her reputation. Dissident parents revolt, electing Richard to head the Parent-Teacher Organization, and tensions explode. Welcome to Chain Gang Elementary, home to vast right-wing conspiracies, 3rd-grade gangsters, and bake sale embezzlers–where toxic childhood secrets boil over, reformers go stark raving mad, and culture wars escalate into armed conflict.

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