KKKo’ed. Georgia DOT denies Klan’s bid to adopt a highway

DOT says NOPE, so the KKK won’t get to adopt a stretch of highway after all.  I’m still surprised that the International Keystone Knights of the KKK didn’t bid on a stretch of road in White County.  Instead, they chose Union County, Georgia, of all places.

And Keystone Knights? Really? Did you have conjure up silent-movie era incompetence? Back then, the Klan ruled the road in many states.

Actually, I wouldn’t mind the Klan picking up litter along Georgia roads, so long as they wore  their orange jumpsuits while they did it.

Money quote: “The Imperial Wizard insisted that the Klan does not commit criminal acts and that ‘everybody has a past they want to forget about.'”

Fergit, hell. Read Brambleman.

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