Simmer down, folks

I saw a Youtube video of an Oklahoma TV weatherman giving out driving directions to Canada for disgruntled voters. Romney took the state with more than tw0-thirds of the vote. That was kind of funny, but people need to simmer down.

From Talking Points Memo:

The re-election of President Obama last week was just too much for some conservatives to handle. Although the doomsday pronouncements of the past four years have yet to materialize, some Americans couldn’t help themselves from freaking out over the news that the president will be here for one more term.

TPM  lists “the six most bizarre reactions” to Barack Obama’s victory:

  1.  Obama’s Hired, But You’re Fired
  2. Burying Gold On The Ranch
  3. Riots And Racial Slurs
  4. Four More Years: S.O.S
  5. Are You There, God? It’s World Net Daily.
  6. Lamest Secession Attempt Ever

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