Special Decatur Book Festival offer: The Way It Was in the South: The Black Experience in Georgia

Thornbriar Press will be back at the Decatur Book Festival this year, and we’re happy to to be promoting the imprint’s latest title, Brambleman as well as the critically acclaimed, award-winning Chain Gang Elementary.

In addition, we’ll be offering the collectors edition of the groundbreaking work, The Way It Was in the South: The Black Experience in Georgia, edited by Thornbriar Press author Jonathan Grant. The special price for festivalgoers is only $15.00!

This is the original hardcover first edition of the work that’s been named “Georgia Book of the Year” and Editors Choice at American Heritage magazine.

Here’s just some of the praise The Way It Was in the South has received:

“Truly a tour de force … incredibly detailed, sometimes discursive, and always placed in the context of the larger national, even world, picture…. It is doubtful if any other state has had the story of its slaves and its free blacks, its freedmen and their generations of descendants, told in such detail and completeness, and with such convincing authoritativeness. … Georgians, southerners, indeed any American … can read The Way It Was in the South: The Black Experience in Georgia , with great profit and ease.”

 — Journal of American History

“[M]onumental …The paradoxical existence of black achievement in the midst of racial oppression is a central theme. It provides an indelible picture of blacks’ achievements despite lynching, segregation, and other degradations. Accessible and informative for students and the general public. [While] one volume cannot do everything, this one does a great deal.”

Georgia Historical Quarterly




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