See-saw coverage of Trayvon Martin case continues; NBC totters

Update: That news producer has been fired. See story.

NBC News is in hot water for its coverage of the Trayvon Martin case following the disclosure that a producer had improperly edited George Zimmerman’s call to the police, making it appear that Zimmerman was highlighting Martin’s race on his own. In fact, Zimmerman told the dispatcher Martin was black in response to a question.

Recent news coverage has pointed out that contrary to the claim that Zimmerman constantly called 911 over the past year, the calls were actually made to a non-emergency line. Also, reports have stated that Zimmerman generally reported the race of the suspicious characters he was calling about after he was asked.

Does this make a difference? Who knows any more? It does benefit Zimmerman’s case, however (and is there a case yet?) by downplaying racial motivation on his part.

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