Forsyth County embezzler is going to … probation

Update: Guilty of stealing $32,000 from PTO; 15 years’ probation and restitution.  See story.  She also claims she made a “mistake.”

Rarely do I get hold of a story that fits both my blogs: Chain Gang Elementary and  Brambleman, but this one does. It’s a case of PTO embezzlement coming out of Forsyth County, Geeorgia–the setting of Brambleman.  One of my readers tipped me off to the case of Jamie Garfield, who is expected to plead guilty to charges of embezzling $8,000 from the Cumming Elementary School PTO, which she served (and I use that term loosely) as treasurer.

This case has been knocking around for a couple of years. According to the reports I’m hearing, other parents are outraged that she may not even have to serve out her probation if she makes sufficient restitution.  Rarely are PTA/PTO embezzlers sentenced to any jail time—which is too bad, since the prospect of  a prison sentence would be a powerful dissuader to would-be volunteer thieves.

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