Anti-Obama billboard lights up Georgia 400 in Forsyth County

Once upon a time, signs at the Forsyth County line let black folks know they weren’t wanted there—and not very politely, either. Those signs are gone, but a series of anti-Obama messages on an electronic billboard on Georgia 400 near Exit 13 in Cumming has raised some eyebrows. The most incendiary message compares the president to Hitler and calls him “Comrade” (talk about mixed messages), but at least these latter-day signs don’t use the  N-word.

Atlanta’s 11Alive has the story.

I don’t know why the person or people behind this billboard’s messages bothered to post them. Forsyth County is the most Republican County in Georgia and will deliver more than 80 percent of its votes to Romney, anyway.  For the record, local Republican officials disavow the messages.

So far, no one has stepped forward to claim responsibility for the messages.



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