Brambleman: “Best book I’ve read this year”

This 5-star review comes from the Forsyth County Library website. Until Monday, when I met with the Ashebrooke Book Club, I hadn’t realized that the local library carried the book, but now I see that they have a couple of copies, and there’s a waiting list for Brambleman.

“Koord” writes: “Brambleman has a fast pace and interesting character development. It is an unpredictable journey with a cental figure who was once a typical husband and father. Just when you think you’ve seen him through the worst, Grant pushes him beyond human limits. Then he does it again… and again. Then he does it once more! I found myself clutching my throat more than a few times. I’m out of breath from this roller coaster but I’m looking forward to the next one!”

Well, Koord, there’s always Chain Gang Elementary! Also, my next book, Party to a Crime, will be published early next year.


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