Meet Forsyth County’s Ashebrooke Book Club

I had a wonderful time with the lovely ladies of the Ashebrooke Book Club in Forsyth County today. It was a large turnout (most of the members appear in the photo). The event was organized by my friend Marcy Theobald and hosted by Jenny Barber.

They even had Brambleman cupcakes! I had no idea technology has advanced that far.  I should get out more often!  (Check out the close-up at the end of the post.) They also gave me a gift card to Starbucks, so I can stay awake to write my next book. Thank you, Ashebrookians!

The book clubbers said they enjoyed Brambleman and asked a lot of questions, most of which I had answers for—and when I didn’t, I think I just started talking about my next book.  Several of them said that the book was a real eye-opener to Forsyth County’s rather violent racial history.

I found out that the Forsyth County Library now carries the book (two copies, and they’re both checked out, but you can always buy the book.) Both Humpus Bumpus and Barnes and Noble had sold out of all their copies of Brambleman.  This afternoon, I dropped some more copies off at Humpus Bumpus, so they’re all set.  If you want to get a copy at Barnes and Noble, call in to order it. I’m working on getting more copies there, as well.  I gave the ladies some swag—paperbacks of Chain Gang Elementary and coupons for e-Book versions of both Brambleman and Chain Gang Elementary, as well as Chain Gang mugs.  Maybe they’ll invite me back!

To learn more about Brambleman, click here.



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