Brambleman: ‘Touched by an Angel’ meets Freddie Krueger

I just saw the latest four-star review of Brambleman on  A Forsyth County reader makes the same observation many others have made: She had no idea where the story would go next.

Here’s the whole review:

This book centers around the racial history of Forsyth County GA, where I have lived for 10 years. A friend recommended it so I bought it mainly due to the historical aspect of the book. Honestly I had no idea the main plot line. It was very interesting to read about some of the horrific things that happened here in the early 1900’s but none of that was surprising.

What was surprising, however, was the strange storyline that actually really sucks you in. I like it when I am consistently wrong about where a story is going and I certainly was with Brambleman. The beginning of the book was described in one review as being reminiscent of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” although I felt that in this book Charlie seemed to be constantly shown that his life did suck;  just when you thought it couldn’t get much worse, it would. I can’t help but describe the book as “touched by an Angel” meets Freddie Krueger. I will admit for quite a bit of the book I really wished that aspect had been left out—it seemed too hokey, but later it really gave purpose to the story.

There are always reviews that tell you the basic plot lines, but there is no way to explain much of this plot line without spoiling the book. I feel the basic book description does that part. I definitely enjoyed it.




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