Goodreads is awesome

Goodreads is amazing. I just started participating in its author program last weekend, because I wanted to set up a book giveaway for Brambleman. With some help from customers service–yes, Goodreads has it and I give it high marks–I was able to accomplish this task. (By the way, I’m interested in setting up other book giveaways, too.)

As of this morning, three days after the title was set up, more than 120 people have signed up for the giveaway (feel free to join the crowd), 9 people already plan to read it, and it’s gotten its first review (4 stars).  Right now, Brambleman is only available as an eBook, but I should get printer’s proofs from Amazon and Ingram’s Lightning Source today (I hope).

I didn’t have a hand in setting up Chain Gang Elementary as a title, but I did attach my name to The Way It Was in the South: The Black Experience in Georgia, which is a venerable book but still in print. Now I’ll go back to see what I can do on Goodreads to give these books a boost,

In short, Goodreads is a marvelous resource, whether you’re a reader or a writer. Readers can get recommendations and share their views with like-minded souls, and writers get exposure. If you know of any other websites like Goodreads, please let me know; it’s definitely the best site I’ve found so far.


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