Pimping my tweet for “That’s Just Peachy”

When I checked my website’s traffic this morning, I saw that a large amount was coming from That’s Just Peachy, a Georgia news website.  When I checked the site, I was happy to see the Brambleman cover art on the front page.

The website had posted my tweet: “The Forsyth County Novel has been published. Deliverance meets The Da Vinci Code, kills mockingbird.”  This linked to the “The Book” page on my Brambleman website. Which is great, of course. I had hoped that the news organizations I’d tweeted and e-mailed would contact me for more information (and several have), but I wasn’t expecting my tweet to be published. It’s a good reminder that anything I tweet can be used for or against me in public, and whatever I put out there better be ready to roll. Fortunately, the tweet was my elevator pitch, so I can definitely live with that.

Since I wanted people to know more than just the basic facts about the book, I added a link to the news release I’ve been sending out. Now everything is pimped out.


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