Karen Handel is not a big fan of crying immigrant children

Above: Karen Handel enjoys some quality podium time with President Trump

On Nov. 6,  Rep. Karen Handel will face the winner of Georgia’s July 24 Sixth Congressional District Democratic Primary Runoff: Lucy McBath or Kevin Abel.

Jonathan Grant
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So, this happened. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) took the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and played audio on a device in his pocket of crying immigrant children at the Southern border. (Source: Pro Publica) This is the audio in which a guard says, “We have an orchestra here.”

Rep. Karen Handel (R-GA), holding the gavel at that time, didn’t like that much. She tried to stop him, but she was clueless on how to run the place, so she leaned on staff to come up with a reason, and they told her to cite Rule XVII, which contains this language: “A person on the floor of the House may not smoke or use a mobile electronic device that impairs decorum.”

Yeah. Actually, the audio was his evidence, his exhibit to go along with the chart that stood beside him. So, application of the rule was questionable, at best. But he got his point across before a sergeant-at-arms got him to stop.

At least he wasn’t wearing a hat! That’s forbidden.

Roll tape

See AJC coverage of the brouhaha. As Jim Galloway points out (ironically), you can’t please everyone.


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