Sign-stealing, gun-waving, nakedness & scrubbed police reports—Southern politics at its best!

I know that David Milrum and Nydia Tisdale are gadflies that a lot of longtime Forsyth County residents love to hate. Still, I’ve got to share this link on  “About Forsyth: Investigating Corruption in Forsyth County, GA” because it gives you a taste of  politics as practiced up there. I’m rating it “R” for Rowdy.

Allegations of sign-stealing, gun-waving, nakedness, and scrubbed police reports—Southern politics at its best!  (Whether there’s any connection to good government is another matter entirely.)  I recently received a press release from a political campaign making some of the same assertions, but leave it to the inimitable Nydia Tisdale’s blog to cover it in loving detail.

Have at it.




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