Worth reading: Georgia Recorder’s coal ash coverage

Above: Georgia Power’s Plant Schrer, Monroe County

By Jonathan Grant

This is a post written mainly by others, the folks at Georgia Recorder, an independent non-profit news organization of recent vintage. The people there have been doing a great job. If you’re not familiar with the Recorder, take a moment to learn more by clicking the online publication’s link. (BTW former AJC columnist Jay Bookman now makes his opinionated home there.)


Coal Ash town hall April 13

Coal ash–the toxic residue of our energy usage–is a significant public health issue for Georgia, due to our major utility’s historical reliance of coal-fired plants to produce electricity. The ash, stored onsite at power plants in ponds, often leaches into water supplies, with serious health consequences–not just for nearby residents, but for those who live downstream.

It’s an important topic, and Georgia Recorder has been diligently covering this issue, which is the subject of an upcoming town hall on April 14 that I hope you’ll virtually attend. While researching the issue, I was so impressed with the Recorder‘s coverage that I wanted to put their articles together in omnibus fashion so that people could have an up-to-date primer on what’s happening.

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