“One of the most surprising books I’ve read in a long time!”

Review of Brambleman by Amazon.com reviewer Thinfilm:

“Thank goodness I don’t work in a library or any other job that requires categorizing books….because I wouldn’t have the faintest idea where to place this one. Social history? Mystery? Supernatural and the Occult?…or even Humour? Mr Grant takes us on an amazing journey in time to teach us something about some very disturbing chaqpters in American history, in a most engaging, weird and sometimes funny way. His style is light and flowing and even though the book is long it never seems to get cumbersome or heavy slogging. The characters are exaggerated almost to the point of being unbelievable… “almost” but never “quite” (…well, maybe Trouble is a bit far-fetched but he adds a lot of colour so we can forgive him)and one can’t help identifiying completely with poor old Charlie and rooting for him as he battles bravely onward trying to figure out what it is he has to do..and how to do it. Other reviewers have covered the outline of the book, so I’m not going to repeat them, but just add my 10 cents worth – that this is a book that is worth every minute of time put into reading it. You’ll learn a lot, be provoked into thinking a lot, and enjoy yourself no end as you do so. Highly recommended.”


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