Sally Harrell ad: Latest shot fired in Georgia Senate’s most flippable district

That feeling when you have a solid message and your volunteer team includes television producers:

While Sally Harrell faces primary opposition, her campaign will soon report successful fundraising numbers and an army of volunteers is organizing throughout the district. This is an incredibly well-organized, motivated team in the Heart of the Resistance, containing some of the bluest precincts in GA06. Sally has taken on many battle-hardened Ossoff veterans to make up her team, which would rival many Congressional campaigns in size. Well-funded, well-staffed, and supremely motivated.

District 40 incumbent Fran Millar has never faced such a formidable opponent during his two decades in the General Assembly. His endorsement of Trump Administration policies and his penchant for impolitic, racially-tinged speech has hurt his brand in a well-educated and increasingly diverse district.

The path to victory for Sally is clear. I would not bet against her. (Disclosure: I’m betting on her.)

As for flippability, take a look at this table, from Ballotpedia (H/T Megan Missett). SD40 has moved to D+ 12.9 over the past few years. Yes, SD06 is more flippable, but guess what? It’s already flipped–in 2017’s special election. Meet Sen. Jen Jordan. (In fact, a Republican didn’t even make the runoff.) The next most obvious flip, SD48, is open in 2018, since GOP incumbent David Shafer is running for Lieutenant Governor. Demorcrat Zahra Karinshak, lawyer and military veteran, has raised more than $135,000 in her bid to win that post.



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