Notes from Tucker (Tucker Day is coming)

Let’s Eat!

Matthews Cafeteria on Main Street, Tucker

Tucker was lively this evening. The beautification effort is really paying off. People want to visit Main Street, and that was SOOOO not the case for many years.  Eight pedestrians in the crosswalk/ When has that ever happened before? I’ll take more pictures Saturday. The Old Boys were going at it strong in Matthews Cafeteria, playing folk-country, or country-folk. I’ve seen them 15 strong, playing hootenanny out on the sidewalk on a brisk February Night. Sounded more bluegrassy then, but it’s all unplugged anyway.

Matthews was busy. The put those tables out there, rarely does anyone sit outside to eat there, at least not while I’m there. Maybe lunch is different. Had to go with the Fried Chicken tonight with fried okra and lima beans.

Speaking of Okra, did you see this in my post on Savannah’s Historic First African Baptist Church?

OKRATASH Yes please

OKRATASH is the most Baptist thing ever. I love it!

Tucker Day and Politics

Big Day Saturday–It’s Tucker Day! Come see us! OK, I live a couple of miles from Tucker, in the last stretch of unincorporated North DeKalb. but Matthews is home to me. Come in time (that means early) to walk with Rep. Scott Holcomb in the 10:00 a.m. parade, which starts at the depot.

And because this is the political season, yard signs!, I completed my mission of feeding and seeding by planting a sign or two on Brockett Road. (The second one is for a friend.)  We’ve put up several John Noel yard signs around Tucker the past few days. If you’d like to join the growing crowd of Noel supporters, message me on Twitter @Brambleman or on the Brambleman Facebook page.

Twofer on Brockett Road

“It takes a lot to laugh. It takes a train to cry.” — Bob Dylan

Trains pass through Tucker all times of day and night. Sometimes I wake up and hear one running at 4 a.m. in that two-mile distance.


The center of the Tuckerverse



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